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Company History

Coeur Insurance has a legacy built on trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Founded by Jimmie Delbridge, Coeur Insurance is here to offer North Idaho the best coverage we can get. We’ve been serving our community for over 21 years with an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch insurance services since our inception. Our growth over the years has been driven by our promise to offer personalized and affordable insurance solutions to every customer, making us a preferred choice in our region. Your peace of mind is our priority and we are happy to say that we can help for any of your insurance needs so you can relax knowing you’re covered.

Jimmie Delbridge from True North Insurance


Jimmie Delbridge

Jimmie has been setting a new standard in providing insurance to the community since 2008. He believes in maintaining a high level of professionalism while helping his clients navigate the insurance world. Prioritizing and building a solid relationship with the people he serves makes clients eager to refer him to family and friends. As a lifelong native of the area, his mission has been to change how the community experiences healthcare coverage by creating a family-like atmosphere at Coeur Insurance.

Jimmie specializes in providing health care and supplemental care for small businesses and individuals through top-rated insurance companies. His goal for small businesses is to help employers boost employee job satisfaction by providing insurance benefits without distracting the focus from running their business. He has a proven record of client satisfaction.

When he’s not serving the community, Jimmie spends time with his wife, twin sons, a chocolate lab, and two Peking ducks at home. His interests include traveling, fly fishing, home renovation, and RV life. Jimmie is known for his sense of humor, incredible craftsmanship with home upgrades, and helpful personality.

Jimmie Delbridge from True North Insurance
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Tammy Delbridge

Tammy is a dedicated professional who has spent an impressive 25 years in the field of education, where she excelled in teaching and managing curriculum and classrooms. Her passion for shaping young minds, fostering a love for learning, and guiding students to reach their full potential has been the driving force behind her successful career.

Throughout her tenure as an educator, Tammy developed strong communication and organizational skills, along with valuable traits such as empathy, patience, and adaptability. These qualities have played a crucial role in her ability to connect with students and provide them with the support they need to thrive.

Recently, Tammy made an exciting career transition and now proudly serves as a customer care representative for Coeur Insurance. In this role, her primary focus is to ensure that clients receive exceptional service and support throughout their insurance journey. Drawing upon her extensive teaching experience, Tammy brings a unique perspective to her interactions with clients, allowing her to understand their individual needs and provide accurate information that empowers them to make informed decisions. Tammy’s expertise in serving others is evident in her commitment to creating positive customer experiences that exceed expectations.

With her passion for helping others and her transferable skills from the field of education, Tammy is well-positioned to excel in her role as a customer care representative. Clients can trust that they are in capable hands. Tammy looks forward to leveraging her unique background and expertise to make a lasting impact on the lives of her clients at Coeur Insurance.

Jimmie Delbridge from True North Insurance


Eldgen Brost

Eldgen is a seasoned health insurance broker located in Spokane Valley. With a career spanning over a decade in the benefits industry, Eldgen brings a wealth of expertise to individuals and businesses seeking tailored insurance solutions.

Specializing in small group insurance, individual medical insurance, Medicare, and life insurance, he’s committed to guiding his clients through the complex landscape of healthcare coverage. Since 2008, he’s been dedicated to ensuring that his clients make informed decisions that align with their unique needs and financial goals.

Beyond the office, Eldgen’s professional journey is enriched by a background that includes nine years of service in the Army as a combat engineer and tracked vehicle mechanic. This experience instilled in him a disciplined approach and a commitment to overcoming challenges with resilience.

Eldgen is an enthusiast of the great outdoors. Whether camping under the stars, navigating mountain trails on a bike, or exploring off-road terrain in a Jeep, he finds solace and inspiration in nature. Eldgen’s wife and son also share a love for adventurous pursuits.

In addition to professional pursuits, Eldgen maintains a home that reflects a deep appreciation for the diverse companionship of pets, including dogs, fish, and Guinea pigs.

At the core of his professional ethos is a commitment to providing comprehensive, client-centric service. Eldgen understands the importance of insurance in safeguarding one’s future and is honored to be a trusted advisor in this critical aspect of financial planning.

Jimmie Delbridge from True North Insurance


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